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A quick Q&A with Yasmin

Q: Favourite desi dish:

I’m more of a veggie fan and I love chilli paneer. 

Q: What’s your favourite hobby:

I quite like styling outfits and anything to do with fashion.

Q: Who is your favourite artist: 

Joseph Capriati (at the moment)

Q: What’s your must watch TV show?

Fave series is Homeland!! I binge watch everything.

Q: Favourite place in the world?

Ibiza, as I still think I’m 21.

Q: Why do you work at

I am passionate about Desicity because it’s represents the Asian community and our culture. I think we have filled a massive gap in the market.

Q: Tell us one interesting fact about you?

I am a dog mum to a big XL American bully called Roman.

Q: Most embarrassing haircut/fashion choice?

I have so many when I look in my archives! But probably was when I was about 9 years old, my mum cut my hair into an awful bob.

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