Writing and posting content is hard work. It’s even more challenging to do it well when you’re in a minefield like Content Marketing, full of pitfalls that can trip up your creativity or, worse – cause damage! I’ve got seven tips on how not only to create high-quality material but also make sure everything comes across as dramatic enough for the audience (and enjoyable too!).
February 14, 2022
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7 Tips for Content Marketing

1. Create Blog Content

Blogging is a free way to market your products and capabilities while simultaneously establishing yourself as an industry expert. In fact, with 21-54 pieces of content, you can drive 30% more traffic that will eventually result in increased conversions for the brand or products! 

Blogs have been shown time after again as an excellent way for companies of all sizes across various industries to get their message out there while also building credibility in front of potential customers looking at new products or services they may offer.

Find platforms where guest blogging is encouraged *cough cough DesiCity…*. This will allow you to expand your reach, generate greater SEO and create foundations to becoming an authority on your topic.

2. Be Social on Channels Your Audience Uses

You need to be active on platforms that your audience uses.

Before posting anywhere, identify the social media audiences who will ultimately purchase what you’re marketing and focus all of our efforts toward reaching them. The best way to reach your audience on social media is by identifying whom you’re speaking with and then finding the proper posts for them. 

This work starts before posting anything at all! Before getting started, think about what platform will work well in terms of reaching out specifically – this makes things go much smoother when trying new methods or staying active across multiple channels without becoming overwhelmed.

3. What About Email?

The small business owner’s best friend is email marketing. Not only does it have high ROI, but you can also use newsletters for alerts on new products or events that may be happening in your industry! Email newsletters are an excellent way for any businesses and entrepreneurs with limited budgets or resources, from established brands to SME’s and ‘side hustles’. Your business should be involved in email marketing if it wants to stay ahead of the curve.

With historically high ROI rates, email newsletters are a branding and marketing tool often overlooked and vastly underused.

4. Content for Your Sales Funnel

A customer’s journey through your sales funnels is a lot like an adventure. You must ensure that you’re delivering the right content at every stage to avoid spoiling their experience or confusing them with irrelevant information!


The marketing funnels comprise many different steps: from introducing people who may not know about your brand yet through converting once they’ve chosen one product or service over another.


Marketing funnels are a chain of events that lead to conversion.

It’s crucial to align the stages of your funnel with content that will appeal specifically to each step. 

For example: 

  • Attention and Interest, based on ads or social media posts, lead consumers to; 
  • Desire, which directs them to want to know more about your brand or product, taking;
  • Action, converting the consumer into buyers of your products

5. Schedule Content

Planned content is the key to success on social media. Create a calendar with monthly posts and keep delivering them in stride every single week! This approach will help build trust among your audience as they know what’s coming next – whether it be an exciting announcement or just some helpful tips for life at home (and don’t forget those!). 

By building monthly calendars with all aspects, including social media posts and emails as well as blog articles or anything else desired for each day’s offering (this will help keep readers engaged), there becomes no need at wondering what comes next because your audience can follow along on these schedules just like their favourite Netflix show!

Tools such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are industry favourites.

6. Mix It Up

Stand out from your competitors and competition. Business is brutal, so it’s essential to be creative for your business or brand image to stand out among the competition. Research what other brands are doing by reviewing their content before creating yours; see if anything resonates well with audiences and what isn’t. 


Establish efficacy through original thought-provoking ideas, then try replicating those successes on an upcoming piece of work – don’t limit yourself by following previous successes straightaway because creativity can take many different forms!



The content creation possibilities are endless with the right tools.

  • Turn videos into reels
  • turn reels into ads
  • Turn blogs into audio and video content
  • Turn blogs into infographics
  • Turn infographics into social quote tiles
  • And so on…

7. Reviews Reviews Reviews!

Reviewing is an essential part of buying decisions. 97% of local consumers use reviews before buying products, which means they’re propelling your business with powerful word-of-mouth advertising! 


Social posts are an excellent way to share great customer experiences on your social media and drive traffic back into your shop through testimonials.


8. In Conclusion

Take your time to research and strategise. Whilst your business content marketing time and budget may be small, it doesn’t mean that you can’t undertake most, if not all, of the above strategies. 

After successfully implementing some or ideally all of the outlined approaches, you will be on your way to establishing a winning content marketing strategy that can grow your audience and increase overall sales. 

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