Spreading Joy and Empowering Communities: Desicity's Eid Celebration Initiative

During the joyous occasion of Eid Al Adha, Desicity, a community-driven organisation, embarked on a noble initiative to bring happiness and support to women and children residing in hostels in Birmingham. Collaborating with esteemed organisations, Roshini and Odara, Desicity curated special Eid Boxes with delightful treats and thoughtful items.

Desicity’s Eid Boxes were carefully curated to create memorable moments for the recipients during the festive season. These boxes were filled with a variety of handpicked items, including delectable chocolates from Kota Chocolate renowned for their quality and craftsmanship. Additionally, the boxes featured exquisite Medjool dates from Gourmet Luxe, a cherished treat during Eid and engaging the recipients, Salam Occasions included their special colouring books, providing an avenue for creativity and relaxation.

Desicity’s collaboration with Roshini and Odara demonstrates their commitment to making a meaningful impact on the community. Roshini supports women affected by domestic abuse, including Forced Marriage & Honour Based Abuse. They offer support, safety, and empowerment to survivors, helping them regain confidence and independence to live free from violence, abuse, and fear. Roshni’s extensive experience and dedication have earned them recognition as a trusted organisation in tackling issues affecting these communities.

Odara, also focuses on providing supported housing and community support to women and their families in the Birmingham region. With a range of services including training and workshops, supported housing, and care services, Odara offers comprehensive support to help families thrive. Their workshops cover various topics, addressing women’s wellbeing, parenting, safety, and social development. Odara’s inclusive approach and commitment to creating cohesive communities have earned them a reputation as a welcoming and supportive network.

Desicity’s initiative to create and hand out Eid Boxes for women and children in Birmingham’s hostels exemplifies the spirit of generosity and inclusivity associated with Eid Al Adha. By spreading joy and extending support, Desicity has come to make a positive difference in the lives of those in need. Their thoughtful gestures showcase the power of collective action and inspire others to engage in community-driven initiatives.

Kota Chocolate

Kota Chocolate takes pride in their British-made creations. Using the finest, healthiest natural ingredients, their chocolates are meticulously handcrafted with a focus on quality and taste. With vegan-friendly options and a commitment to using pure cocoa butter, Kota Chocolate offers a delightful addition to Desicity’s Eid Boxes.

Gourmet Luxe

Gourmet Luxe specialises in curated artisan gifts, offering a unique approach to gifting with a combination of luxury food products and exquisite presentation. Their personalised and standout gifts aim to make recipients feel truly appreciated and recognised. Gourmet Luxe’s contribution to Desicity’s Eid Boxes adds an element of surprise and indulgence, elevating the joy for the recipients.

Salam Occasions

Salam Occasions, an Islamic gift store based in the UK, offers a wide range of Islamic gifts, books, and toys for both children and adults. With a focus on providing meaningful products, Salam Occasions adds a touch of spirituality and cultural significance to Desicity’s Eid Boxes.

Kenny Athwal

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