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Do you wish to export your Shopify products? We’ll show you how to export your items as a CSV file in this step-by-step tutorial. This is an excellent approach to move your goods to another Shopify store or to safely backup them. It just takes 5 easy steps.

1. Go to Products from your Shopify admin

You may limit the products you wish to export by filtering your product list and selecting specific items.

2. Select the 'Export' option.
3. Choose the items you wish to export from the dialog box:
  • The current page of goods
  • All products
  • Products you have selected
  • Products that match your search and filters
4. Choose the kind of CSV file you'd like to export
  • CSV File For Excel, Numbers, Or Another Spreadsheet Program. If You’ll Be Working With A Spreadsheet Program To Edit Your Product CSV File, use This Layout.
  • Plain CSV File. If You’re Using A Simple Text Editor With Your Product CSV File, Use This Style.
5. Select the 'Export products' option


When you sort your CSV file in a spreadsheet software, product variants or image URLs might become unlinked. It’s possible that importing a CSV file that has been sorted will overwrite your current products with incorrect data, which is unchangeable.

Access your product image files

If you move your products to a new website and plan to close your current store or delete some of its product listings, then you need to upload your product CSV file to your new store while your old store and its product listings remain viewable.

When you export your products, the images associated with each product are not included in the CSV file. If you import the products to a new store, then the product images are generated only if they remain viewable on a publicly accessible website.

To ensure that your product images remain accessible to you, leave your original store and its products intact until you finish the import process. This allows your new store to assign the correct product image to each listing.

Filter and export your products list

You can use filters to organize your products list before exporting. If you need to change only some of your products, then you can add a filter. It could be easier to edit your products using a shortened CSV, rather than your entire product list.

  1. On the Products page in Shopify, add a filter using conditions that list only the necessary products.

  2. Export your products list, and make sure that you select the option to export only the products matching your filter.

A CSV file containing only those products in your filtered list will export

Thanks for reading, I hope this guide was helpful! Please contact our team if you have any further questions: info@desicity.com

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