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A quick Q&A with Ravi

Q: Favourite desi dish:

Paneer tikka curry

Q: What’s your favourite hobby:

I love photography

Q: Who is your favourite artist: 

Fugees & Drake

Q: What’s your must watch TV show?

Outta Banks or Gogglebox

Q: Favourite place in the world?

I loved Paris!, I felt as if I was in a Disney movie! The scenery was amazing and all I could feel was nothing but positive energy!

Q: Why do you work at

Well, it all started with my interest of filming professional content for DesiCity, I absolutely loved the idea and wanted to be part of this amazing company. I do a lot of photography and videography for my own work and University and taking it further with DesiCity was just unbelievable moment as I enjoy filming the content as well as directing it alongside with Tarny. DesiCity really brings the best out of me when I video for them as they always have great ideas, which makes it so fun and exciting when it comes to filming their work and so that’s why I work for this company! I Love It!!!!

Q: Tell us one interesting fact about you?

I sing and rap, I also do music on the side.

Q: Most embarrassing haircut/fashion choice?

I had braids at one point and thought I was cool but now looking back to it makes me laugh and sick lol

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