Imagery Guidelines

Requirements and Best Practices for Images in our DesiCity Shop

When uploading images to your DesiCity shop, follow these guidelines:

  • File type requirements
  • Image size requirements
  • How to resize images
  • Listing image best practices


File type requirements

All images in your shop should be one of these file types which DesiCity supports. These are:

  • .jpg
  • .gif
  • .png
Image size requirements
  • Product images
  • Shop icon
  • Shop banner
Product images

The recommended size for product images is 2000 x 2000px. Images should be square.

Shop icon 

The recommended size for shop icons is 500 x 500px.

Shop banner

The required size for shop banners is 1200 x 300px.

Resizing images

Use a website, Photoshop, or a similar software to resize your image bearing in mind that, if you decrease the size of an image, it won’t lower the resolution. However, increasing the size of an image, may lose resolution and pixelation may occur.

Images may appear less sharp after being uploaded due to compression of the image files. We do this in order to improve the overall performance of the page. Image sizes are optimised for mobile displays.

Listing image best practices

Great listing images help you convert shoppers to buyers. Follow these recommendations to optimise your listing images:

  • Image shape and dimensions
  • Tips for listing images


Image shape and dimensions

The featured product image should be square, ideally 2000 x 2000px. Additional images should also follow this guidance where possible.

Uploading the same shape photos for all listing photos will create a more elegant appearance and enjoyable browsing experience for the customer.

Try to capture images of your item further back then you think you’ll need. This will give you the ability to crop in without losing parts of your item. 

Tips for listing images

Take your original picture from a far enough vantage point where you can see the entire product with extra negative space around your product.

Use a contrasting, clear background for all product imagery. In most cases this will be a white canvas background.  The image needs to be clear, in-focus, and sharp.

Where possible, take images on stable surfaces such as tables or worktops. This will help keep the images level, and allow you to place clear backgrounds behind the product.

Images with a cluttered background are not permitted, and as such may be flagged by the DesiCity team and subsequently removed. 

This includes but is not limited to:

  • photographs taken at home, with general household clutter
  • photographs with animal, people, faces in the background


Lifestyle images are a great way to show off your products, and their benefits, and are suggested to be used for additional product images.