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Save Money On Your Packaging - Just For Being A Seller On DesiCity!

Since our launch of the DesiCity platform at the back end of last year, we are excited to say we are looking into a partnership offer with the UK’s leading packaging supplier, Raja Packaging.

We are working hard to make DesiCity not only a selling platform but a place where you can start, grow and develop your businesses.

What Is The New Partnership And How Does It Affect You?

Simply put, to thank you for being a DesiCity Seller, we will be able to offer you the lowest possible prices for the different packaging you need, whether that’s boxes, tape, padded envelopes, or courier bags.

Complete the questions below to ensure that the packaging you need is included in our preferential pricing – this is important.

The rest of the thousands of products offered by Raja Packaging will be available to you at the end/lowest listed price, regardless of the quantity you order.

There is also free delivery for orders above £150 ex VAT. 

These discounted prices and huge savings are purely for our DesiCity sellers and cost you nothing!

You have no obligation to purchase your packaging from our partner supplier. This is simply a partnership built to bring you better services and prices from one place, simply by being a vendor with DesiCity!

What Do We Need From You?

For the above to be achieved, we require a little of your help to understand your current packaging needs and try to cater an offering for you all.

Please provide the information requested by downloading the attached file, filling in the table below as accurately as possible, and sending it to, to ensure we get the lowest prices on the packaging you need.

To help gather information, should you require it, browse the packaging companies’ website to see some categories they have listed and the thousands of different packaging items they stock:

Please see an example list below to give you an idea of some of the items other online retailers regularly use

  • Cardboard boxes, postal boxes, envelopes and mailers.
  • Office supplies and equipment
  • Bagging, tubing and casing
  • Protective packaging and machines
  • Presentational and gift
  • PPE, facilities management and janitorial
  • Warehouse, storage and handling equipment
  • Sealing, labelling and palletising

What To Do Next?

Send the completed form to, and let us take care of the rest. Once an agreement has been reached with the packaging supplier, we will let you know.

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