Desicity’s Bride Guide: Asian Wedding Season is Approaching, and it’s Time to Get Prepared!
From Traditional Attire to Gifts, Here are the Must-Have Products for a Wedding to Remember

An Asian wedding is a true celebration of love, family, and culture. It is a grand affair that involves elaborate preparations, including selecting the perfect attire, choosing the venue, and deciding on the food and decorations. 

When it comes to buying products for an Asian wedding, certain items are must-haves and allow for a special day that honours that happy couple in the best way. In this blog, we will run through the products to add to your shopping list before the celebrations begin. 

At Desicity, we’ve made your Asian wedding prep simple with our dedicated wedding edit where you can find everything you need for a wedding to remember, all whilst supporting UK-based desi businesses. 

Let’s dive into the Asian wedding essentials to get before the big day…

Traditional attire

Getting the wedding outfits right is a huge part of creating a magical day that celebrates traditional Asian culture. From beautifully detailed Punjabi Jutti to lavish hand-embroidered Dupatta, you want to make sure you are dressed to the nines on

Luxury handcrafted shoes made for dancing the whole night long… 

Discover the Ladies Punjabi Jutti In Green/Grey.

Prepare in the most special of ways…

For a traditional stand-out piece that turns heads…

Discover the Yellow Dupatta.

Jewellery and accessories

Asian weddings are known for their opulent jewellery, and it is customary for the bride to wear heavy jewellery that complements her traditional clothing, from elaborate necklaces and eye-catching earrings to bindis and Punjabi Paranda for the perfect finishing touch.

Get your Bridal Patiala Paranda Hair Braid.

Intricate necklaces are a staple…

Discover the Kundan Necklace Set.


Not forgetting to add some beautiful earrings…

Get the Bella Earrings. 

To traditionally top it all off…

Discover our range of Aliya Bindis.

Setting the scene 

The venue of an Asian wedding is decorated elaborately with flowers, lights, bunting and other decorations that reflect the heritage of the bride and groom. Every last detail should be accounted for, from traditional Mahiyan sets down to the signage and place names.

To personalise your wedding entrance…


For all your Mahiyan essentials…

For the perfect wedding table… 


Wedding gifting can be tricky to navigate. Luckily, Desicity has a huge range of wedding gifts that are sure to put a smile on any bride’s face.

For a meaningful wedding keepsake…

To give your contribution…

A truly tasteful gift that never goes amiss…

Gift the Luxury Panjeeri Gift Box.

Asian weddings are a true celebration of love, commitment, culture and tradition, so buying meaningful items helps to create a memorable occasion for all. Desicity is the home of unique, personalised wedding products and gifts that are sure to make any bride feel on top of the world on her special day. 

Shop the full Desicity wedding edit today.

Priya Bagri

Sales Expert

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