Disputes Policy

DesiCity is a platform from which you can sell goods directly to buyers across the UK. From the moment you sign up to the site, we want you to have a positive experience buying and selling on DesiCity. Please read on to find out more about your rights, as well as what is expected of you, as both the buyer and seller.
This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By opening a shop on DesiCity, you’re agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.

It is essential that each shop has its delivery and returns policy completed and stated on their shop page. 

It is essential that all customers check a store’s returns policy prior to making a purchase.

A customer may log a dispute following an order from a desicity seller. DesiCity advises all customer complaints to go to the shop contact first. If a resolution is not possible, it should then be escalated to DesiCity Support for a resolution.

Customer Contacts Shop

When a customer reports a problem to a seller, we strongly suggest both parties work together to find a solution that works for both.

Customer Requests Refund or Return

If the customer requests a refund or return that is in line with your shop policies, we recommend agreeing to their request. For example: Your shop policies state that you offer refunds for any reason, within 7 days of delivery and the customer requests a refund within this timeframe.

If the customer requests a refund or return that isn’t in line with your shop policies, it is still advisable to work together to agree on a solution, although in most cases of this nature, the shop would be able to refuse the request.


Each seller manages their own orders, and are responsible for their own policies regarding refunds, and returns. These policies will vary from shop to shop. 

The shop page or product pages will show the sellers policy on returns and exchanges under the Policies section.

If the seller does accept returns, it is advisable to confirm the details in a message before returning the item:

  • The return address
  • Time frame for the return
  • Postage price and who pays (customer or seller)
  • Establish which delivery options are recommended or suggested


If the seller does not allow refunds or returns, but you would like to escalate the issue, the customer may be able to open a dispute with DesiCity.  

Cases can be opened if:

  • You never receive your order
  • Your order wasn’t as it was described


Before making a purchase, the customer should review the shop’s returns & exchanges policy. This can be found on the shop and/or product page. If you are unable to find a policy, please contact the seller directly. 

If the seller is unresponsive or unhelpful, a customer can contact DesiCity for further assistance or open a dispute. 

Customer Contact Outside of DesiCity 

If the customer reaches out to a seller outside of the DesiCityp platform, we urge the seller to direct the customer to contact the seller via DesiCity. This is also true of the reverse scenario of a seller contacting a seller outside of the DesiCity platform. This keeps everything in one place and will help DesiCity Support assist if the case is escalated.

What to do when a customer opens a case

If the seller and the customer can’t resolve the problem the customer may contact DesiCity to mediate and help resolve. This constitutes a formal report of a problem and recorded against the shop. This is in the event there is a regular or consistent complaint type, which DesiCity can work with both parties to create a long-term resolution.

As a seller, you must work with the customer to resolve the case. If you and the customer aren’t able to resolve the case together within five days, the customer can escalate the case to DesiCity Support.

What can a customer open a case for?

Customers can report a problem to the seller for any issues with an order. However, they can only open a case for these reasons:

  • A non-delivery case: the order didn’t arrive
  • A not-as-described case: the item(s) the customer received weren’t what was described in their DesiCity listing(s)


How to resolve a case

DesiCity support will be in communication with both parties, reviewing all comments and information relating to your case, including proof of dispatch or refund. Once assigned, either party can send screenshots or photos directly to the case manager.

Proof of dispatch

The seller may be required to show proof of dispatch. 

Proof of delivery should show that the item was delivered to the address given by the customer when they purchased the item on DesiCity. Proof of dispatch could be:

  • A scanned copy of the dispatch confirmation or departure information
  • A delivery service receipt
  • A tracking number and/or tracking information that shows the package was delivered to the customer


Time frame for opening a case

Eligibility to open a case is based on an order’s estimated delivery date (if applicable) or processing time and/or “dispatch by” date. Once eligible, customers have 30 calendar days to open a case.

When a case is closed

A case will close automatically if:

  • The seller issues the customer a full refund
  • The customer is satisfied with the resolution
  • The seller adds tracking information to the case that confirms the package was delivered to a location matching the DesiCity transaction receipt (for cases of non-delivery only)

If a case isn’t resolved, customers can escalate the case to DesiCity Support for review. DesiCity reserves the right to escalate a case early for circumstances such as but not limited to seller inactivity, harassment, refusal of service, case manipulation.

When DesiCity Support can mediate a case

If a case hasn’t been resolved in five days and the customer escalates the case, DesiCity Support can intervene and assist with a resolution. 

When necessary to resolve a case, DesiCity reserves the right to issue a refund to the customer and recoup funds from your account.

DesiCity may reopen a previously closed case to further investigate tracking issues or other aspects of the dispute.