Community Guidelines


DesiCity has a strict collection of Community Guidelines which outlines the expected behaviour and standards on DesiCity. These policies apply to all types of content on our platform, including but not limited to images, comments, descriptions, reviews and interactions with DesiCity, other brands and customers. Our Community Guidelines are a key part of our broader suite of policies and are regularly evaluated to maintain pace with emerging challenges.

We enforce these Community Guidelines using a combination of human reviewers and machine learning, and apply them to everyone equally – regardless of the subject or the creator’s background, political viewpoint, position or affiliation.

Our policies aim to make DesiCity a safer community while still giving creators the freedom to share a broad range of experiences and perspectives.

How does DesiCity develop new policies and update existing ones?

All policies are carefully thought through to ensure consistent, well-informed guidelines which can be applied to members of DesiCity. Policies go through rounds of review before they go live to ensure that our team of reviewers can apply and enforce them accurately and consistently.

This work is continuous. We will always continue to evaluate our policies to understand how we can constantly provide and maintain a growing and prosperous platform for growth, within considerate policies.

How does DesiCity identify content that violates the Community Guidelines?

With new stores joining and selling from our platform everyday, our team constantly monitors signups and product activity to detect and review any potential conflicts with our guidelines.

Is there a way for the broader community to flag harmful content?

The DesiCity community plays an important role in flagging content they think is inappropriate.

If you see content that you think violates our Community Guidelines, you can contact to raise your concerns, which will be reviewed. You will only be informed if action is taken against the concern.

Community Guidelines strikes

If our reviewers decide that there is a violation of our Community Guidelines, we reserve the right to remove the content and promptly inform the seller. The first time that a seller violates our Community Guidelines, they receive a warning with no penalty to the shop. After one warning, we’ll issue a Community Guidelines strike to the shop and the shop will have a review meeting with a member of the team to understand the violation and necessary steps to move forward. Shops that continue to violate our policies or that have a single case of severe abuse of the platform will bypass our strikes system and be terminated. All strikes and terminations can be appealed, our team will re-review the decision, all final decisions made by DesiCity will stand and not be available for review.