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On November 19th, desicity was crowned the ‘Outstanding Start-up Business’ by the Asian Business Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) at the 35th ABCC Annual Awards Dinner.

This award is a recognition of the entire team’s hard work in our inaugural year. By team, I include each of the internal team members, Priya Tristan, Anita and Aneesha, and our external team, Gloss, who build our development and are our creative partners. To win an award at such a reputable event from such a prestigious body is no small feat, so we are very proud to have been considered a finalist and subsequently deemed the winner.

I want to thank our community of sellers, who each have entrusted us with their brand. Joining a new venture, especially in the current climate, is not a minor decision, and we appreciate this decision made by each business owner. We have built a platform that we are proud of and will continue to build, aiming to exceed our sellers’ expectations. 

Since launch, we have grown from 10 sellers and 200 products to over 180 sellers and 13,000 products. And this growth shows no sign of stopping. We now enter our 2nd year of business with a great foundation on which to build. 

Our focus now turns from launching and establishing ourselves to building the desicity brand, with more marketing, brand awareness, opportunities, and sales for our sellers. Everything we do is with our community of sellers in mind, and our future endeavours will be no different. 

It Wouldn't be possible Without Our Sellers

Ultimately we are nothing without our sellers, so this award must go to you all. Each of our brands’ talent, quality, and entrepreneurial spirit makes our platform unique and special. We work for the brands on our platform, and so we thank you for your trust, aim to repay your faith in us, and dedicate our award to each and every desicity seller.

Kindest Regards

Tarny Athwal

Founder and Managing Director

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