Anti-Discrimination & Hate Speech Policy

DesiCity is a platform from which you can sell goods directly to buyers across the UK. From the moment you sign up to the site, we want you to have a positive experience selling on DesiCity. Please read on to find out more about your rights, as well as what is expected of you, as a seller.
This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By opening a shop on DesiCity, you’re agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.

DesiCity forbids the use of our Services to discriminate against people based on the following personal attributes (collectively, “protected groups”): 

  • Colour
  • Disability
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender (inc gender identity)
  • Nationality
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation
  • Race


This list is not exhaustive and also includes any other characteristics which are legally protected.

The seller and customers are responsible for knowing legal regulations regarding discrimination which apply to you.

DesiCity prohibits any hate speech. This includes but is not limited to violent, offensive, derogatory or demeaning language aimed at a person or group based on their one or more protected group attributes.

Whether you’re engaging with public features on DesiCity, such as setting up your shop, adding products, writing reviews, or having direct communication with other members of the DesiCity community, discrimination and hate speech is strictly prohibited. 

As a DesiCity seller, all of your shop content, including shop announcements and shop policies, cannot display discriminatory behaviour toward protected groups. 

Examples of this against one or more protected groups, include, but are not limited to:

  • Refusal of service
  • Expressing intolerance or a lack of respect for another member 
  • Having a shop policy that excludes sales to members of one or more protected groups 
  • Directly or indirectly making derogatory or demeaning remarks against protected groups 
  • Racial slurs
  • Brand or personal posts that support or glorify hate groups and their members


You can report any violations of this policy by emailing and providing as much information as possible. Our internal team will review each claim.