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A quick Q&A with Aneesha

Q: Favourite desi dish:

My nanis saag

Q: What’s your favourite hobby:

Baking and making graze tables for my family and friends

Q: Who is your favourite artist: 

It’s between Sidhu Moosewala and Burna Boy depending on my vibe

Q: What’s your must watch TV show?

Modern Family all the way, Phil Dunphy has my heart (WTF = Why The Face – if you know, you know!)

Q: Favourite place in the world?

Harry Potter World in Florida has to be the place where I felt true happiness

Q: Why do you work at

I decided to join desicity because it’s a breath of fresh air in a highly saturated space. I love how desicity is the voice for south asian business owners and the level of attention given to both their sellers and customers is something you rarely come across these days. On top of that, the minute I met the rest of the team I just knew it was the place for me we’re all one big family and every day I spend working with them is a good day.

Q: Tell us one interesting fact about you?

I did ballet for 10 years!

Q: Most embarrassing haircut/fashion choice?

Definitely the popped out lens 3D glasses era when I was in Year 8

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